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What is the virtual office?

Renting a virtual office is one of the best choices for the company’s owner to save money for expenses, time, human resources… which are considered when you establish a new company. If you want to have a head office in major districts in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, this will cost you a lot of money. Instead of having a traditional office, renting a virtual office will give you a chance to have a meeting with your customers in the city’s center and have a head office in major districts. This costs from 10% to 15% expenses that your company expects to rent the same traditional office.

Based on the advantages and real benefits of this service, several companies have a good understanding of using “virtual office” and apply to using this service.

There are some objective comments of used customers, which are both positive and negative, helping us have a general understanding of this service:


-    Saving much money on expenses compared to renting a traditional office in a long term. 
-    Having fully equipped office: tables, chairs, refrigerators, air conditioners, reception services, telephone number, fax, Wi-Fi…
-    Having a convenient address at mostly virtual offices which are located in major districts with the density of population, this is easier to commute to work and have a meeting with customers, clients of your company. 
-    Ensuring the high level of security when using this service, the company could be content with their secret documents. 
-    Having fixed address, telephone number and fax machine; therefore, your company could be satisfied to work in a long term. 
In addition, virtual office services also offer your company with other services when you have demands such as: reception service, experienced staffs will support when you need, keeping vehicles…


-    Because there are several companies working in the same building and in the same office, therefore, it may not be a quiet working environment. 
-    Because services are used by many companies at the same time, therefore, when your company wants to have a meeting, you need to book it in advance. Besides, your company needs to obey to the building’s rules, which might trigger you to meet your customers. 

Compared to the advantages, these disadvantages are not significantly important. If you or your company wants to expand your business and need an office give consultant, do trading or sign contracts with your customers, virtual office will be your best choice. 
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