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Each company has its own requirements for its products these days, but all companies always want to have the perfection of standard in each product or service.  In the other way, “Fast – Good – Effect” has become the core values for business around the world. For asserting high quality as well as getting advanced technology, “smart concept” is used very popular for technological products such as smart phone, smart TV, smart laptop. This concept is also used as a vital standard for other products or other services like “smart office” building. Smart office would be the best choice for a new company with low budget, you can take advantages of using high piece of equipment especially furniture, and photocopy machine, fax machine.



Compared to traditional office, smart office has many advantages. It is easier for us to see that smart office has high connectivity and efficiency in interacting with the users. By applying advanced technology and services, smart office creates intelligent infrastructure to help employees improve their productivity with the most working space. Besides, it is easy to access to the technology used in the smart office and the users can work effectively with the wireless there. Besides, smart office also takes advantages of letting employees working in remote areas without being in your office. This would decrease the turnover and because people are generally happier to be able to do their jobs and not have to be put in the office with crowded employee. Therefore, we cannot deny that the smart devices and smart solutions are the key elements to create perfect smart office.

As other smart offices provided in district 3, NTA construction Investment Co., Ltd.’s smart offices have good infrastructure, modern equipment with advanced technological solutions. NTA construction investment co., Ltd now provides many high-class smart offices which can support business work efficiently, save operational costs and so on. Especially, smart offices for rent of NTA Construction Investment Co., Ltd have surprisingly cheap price but still remaining the substandard quality. Moreover, we offer the modern conferences and meeting rooms for your company, which are well equipped and have airy environment. This is definitely suitable for meeting with customer, and they must be impressed with your company.

For a normal business, the investment in building of smart office costs much money on equipping modern machines, programs and smart solutions for the office. These facilities such as printing machines, fax, scan, copy have being constantly improved frequently. Besides, traditional office’s equipment needs to update and maintenance, which makes the cost of system operational office increased. Therefore, the effectiveness of smart office is indisputable. It will be a paradise for employees to work with such perfect equipment and technology, which diminishes the tress of working with papers and reports.

One of vital elements that each company always cares for is the connection with other company. By using virtual offices, your company could connect with other companies in your office, this might expand your business by attract new customers based on these relations. Moreover, you could also learn new knowledge of other companies which might support to the development of your business. Other business 6 who work in the same office, might offer or introduce to you their friends or anyone who have the demand of cooperation with the field you are working on.

By renting cheap smart office of NTA Construction Investment Co., Ltd, the company’s administrative work will be easier. Without paying for building, technological equipment, maintenance and operation smart office, you could enjoy every working day in a “paradise” office in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When company operated smoothly with high productivity will contribute to attract more new customers. We have professional secretary with experienced skill which will help you improve your image. Imaging having professional secretary answering your business phone call, it would be impressed if your customer would fully-answered any question by this secretary. This will enhance the image of the company, and expand the company’s brand name on the market. Besides, the company can take advantages of the usage of advanced technology and smart office solutions. It will help your company expand business and be more developed in this competitive market in Vietnam and on the world in general.

With the mentioned “gold” effects, you might like come to our company to find a suitable smart office for you at the headquarters: NTA Construction Investment Co., Ltd 469 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 3, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. You can come to your headquarters or contact telephone: 0933 775 716 (Ms. Lan Thu), 0906 370 866 (Ms. Lan Quynh) for more information. Why not come to our office and make a best dicision on the options we offer you.

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