Consulting service and construction designs
Thanks to proficiency and experience in designing and construction field in HCMC, our company opened consulting service and construction design.
Architectural designs:
- Package construction for buildings and houses.
-  Constructing with “full-workers” form
-  Monitor the construction as request.
-  Install exterior and interior equipment.
Interior designs:
- Consult, design and decorate exterior.
- Organize the space with “feng shui” 
- Design exterior and interior as request
- Monitor the construction process
Inspection of records, estimates:
- Evaluate the quality of construction technically file
- Evaluate the quotation, the total of construction cost estimate
- Apply to all kinds of civil projects, government or foreign investment budget.
Construction monitoring:
- Monitor the construction process.
- Monitor and take responsibility for construction and exporting supplies
- Daily supervision
- Monitor the main stage of the construction process.

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