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The importance of having a beautiful decorated office

You are one of our vital elements to develop our professionals. However, when you come in our office for the first time, for some reasons you have a bad impression of our office’ decorations and our staff’s behaviors, this leads to your nervousness when considering cooperate with us for the next time. These things make us try to improve our services to satisfy our old customers’ demands and attract new ones.

To be confident, a prestigious office with great decoration, creative designing is what you need. In addition, other necessaries are the experienced employees and the effectiveness of working which play an important role in persuasive customers to come back with our company. We cannot deny the vital role of stylished office to our success. Especially, when decorating an office, we consider chossing a layout and furniture that is curved and rounded rather than sharp and straigt-edged. This environment has been linked with positive emotions, which are known to be beneficial for creativity and productivity.

One of the effects of beautiful office is that it shows the company appreciates your employees. Every staff always want to be appreciated, they feel even better if they have a chance to work in comfortable, airy room with fully – equipment. Nowaday, there are many people keep complaining about their jobs, their working environment. This motivates us to build and establish a comfortable, well-decorated and creative virtual office, and shared office. These working offices motivate and allow the staff to focus on getting their work done.

According to Peter Surrena, design director at trend forecasting agency PSFK, says good office design is an investment in perception for publicly-facing companies. “this perception is not only what we see, but the story we’re told. Touring your office with a potential client, explaining how the conference room was inspired by a bird’s nest found only in a remote corner of the Auckland Islands – there’s value there, it will be remembered and may give you the edge” he said. Base on CNN news.

You also need to be smart with your investment. Especially for employees, a pleasant workplace is directly related to job satisfaction. Based on the study of the American Society of Interior Designers, people who liked their workplaces were 31% more likely to be astisfied with their jobs. Of those seeking work, nearly half said that a company’s office space affected their decision on whether to accept a job. This makes sense that in well-designed offices, people work better. Therefore, if you give employees an opportunity to improve their environment, they are likely to to add more plants and pictures, which make them work faster and more accuracy. And those who are able to dim overhead lights were more motivated, focused and productive.

In some studies, they show that the mere presence of plants can also provide surprisingly large benefits. Office workers report feeling healthier and more energized when their workplace features live plants and fresh flowers. Participants who work in a room with indoor plants led to significantly better performance on tasks requiring sustained attention and concentration. Besides, pictures of landscapes make us less anxious. Brief exposure to blue and green, colors ever present in fertile environments rich in vegetation, water, and nourishment, make us feel safe and improve our creative output. It’s not difficult to understand that why so many offices fail to engage their employees. Depriving people of sunlight, restricting their views, and seating them with their backs exposed is not a recipe for success, it’s a recipe for chronic anxiety.

These abovementioned things are the reasons why design ultimately matters. It’s because engaging employee is about creating an environment that positions people to do their best work. We tend to assume that employee engagement is about the work, that so long as we give talented people challenging tasks and the tools to excel, they will be happy. But that formula is incomplete. Our mind responds to the signals in our environment. However, the expenses of design and construction are also being considered as well as the time needed to get approvals of drawing such as ceiling wall, electricity system, wireless, camera, air-conditioner, lighting and fire projection system. Moreover, there are monthly extra expenses to maintain rental offices such as receptionist, security guards, cleaning staff, print machine and others (water, electricity) that cost your company a lot of money.

You can save your money by renting a virtual office up to millions of VND instead of renting a fixed office with the total amount of rental fee up to 60 – 100 million VND per month. We offer you a prime office with sharply price only 495.000VND per month, the rest of rental expense you can make your company thrive.

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