Why do you use virtual office?

#Office , date: 13/11/2017

Why should you use virtual office?


Since 2006, using virtual offices has become popular and developed in Vietnam’s market. Some small and medium-sized companies with low investment budget has chosen this trend to have a fixed head offices and make it easier for their customers to find their companies, which saved their time and money. Besides, most virtual offices for rent are commonly located in the city’s center or in large a building, this is not only easier for your company’s staff to commute to work but also for your customers to find your company.


It is the same with some new established companies, although they are larger and has higher budget, it still be difficult for the company’s investors to handle expenses such as property’s facilities, resources to operate the companies in the initial established period. However, the investors understand that if they want to get good clients and customers with high interest in their contracts, they firstly must have a good insight of their clients since their meetings, and their discussions with customers at their head office. With an unstable economy, the cost of renting an office will be around thousand dollars per month. This will not have just a simple effect on the company, because of having high fixed expenses, the company’s development will be affected.

tại sao nên sử dụng văn phòng ảo


Understanding of these demands, virtual offices for rent on the current markets are always perfectly invested with a good location, professional contacts, facilities, modern equipment. This makes each company satisfy with the services provided. 

In addition, to improve the quality of the services, Vietnamese virtual offices for rent also combine with other services by providing: meeting rooms, working tables, advised services, interpreters…


In general, in reality, it is difficult for us to find out the differences between virtual offices and rented offices. However, considering the benefits of these two services, it is easier for us to see these differences. 

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